tkoppel, terry koppel, Mid-Century Modern, 1950
Terry Koppel is a Brooklyn based artist, designer, and collector extraordinaire.
ANOMALIA is his gallery venture specializing in Mid-Century Modern furniture, fine, and decorative arts.
Terry Koppel is a well known editorial designer and has been collecting
decorative arts since his teenage years.
woman head sculpture.jpeg

Anomalia is a gallery venture specializing in Mid Century furniture, fine, and decorative art. Taking its name from the Latin word for “anomaly” or “outlier”, Anomalia offers a truly unique and eclectic array of work ranging from blue chip furniture, photography, Italian ceramics and glass to more obscure tokens of design ephemera and vintage pop culture. With over 20 years of experience, gallery owner Terry Koppel aims to present a nuanced understanding of 20th century design and aesthetics through his inventory.



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